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Lakeside Road Construction

Lakeside Road Construction

  • Approximate Start Date:
  • Approximate Completion Date: Late October

What’s Happening?

  • Lakeshore Drive from McCracken to Laketon Ave. will be demolished and replaced with a new three-lane roadway.
  • Sidewalks on both sides of the street will be replaced and widened.
  • Streetscape like rain gardens and planter areas will be installed along the entire route.
  • Numerous trees and shrubs will be planted along the route.
  • One of the city’s water main lines will be replaced along the same route.

 What’s the Schedule?

  • Start of construction is scheduled to begin April 2019.
  • Roadway lanes are expected to be completed by Late July 2019.
  • Sidewalks and Streetscape are expected to be completed by late October 2019.

How will Traffic be Affected?

  • One lane of traffic will remain open during roadway construction for traffic traveling west.
  • All lanes are expected to be completed and open by August 2019.
  • East-bound traffic will be diverted south on Lincoln to Sherman Blvd.

Will Businesses be Open during the Construction?

  • Yes! Businesses will be open and offering discounts and other specials during the project.
  • Check the Lakeside Facebook page for more information.
  • Special wayfinding directional signs will be posted so customers know how to get into their favorite shops.

What will it look like when it’s done?

  • Design maps and artist renderings can be seen in the rear entry hallway of Blue Horizons Wellness (parking in the back).

How Much will it all Cost?

  • The entire project is approximately $5 Million, paid for by the City of Muskegon and federal grants.
  • $3 Million will be spent on the road and streetscape and $2 Million on the water line.

Post Construction Landscape Maintenance:

  • Portions of the streetscape will require care and maintenance such as weeding and watering.
  • Your Lakeside Business and Neighborhood Associations are working on solutions for streetscape maintenance and care.